Billiard Shop website launch

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Billiard Shop 16 Nov2010

Billiard Shop website launch

Hello again,

In this blog, I’m going to update you with the newest website Indigo Web has been working on. The Billiard Shop website went live last week and has already received some great feedback, which is very exciting.

Billiard Shop are Australia’s largest billiard table supplier, with ten retail stores right across Queensland.  After deciding to take their web presence up to the next level, we were approached to develop a brand-new website for Billiard Shop.  This new site allows Billiard Shop to list and sell any pool or billiards accessories using an online payment gateway.  This is a streamlined sales process, and it allows customers to make their purchases easily.  For tables, customers can simply place an enquiry about the table they are interested in.  I’m sure they’d all make a perfect addition to any ‘Man-Land’!

Feel free to check out the Billiard Shop’s new website at:

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