Guest Post: The Role and Importance of Backlinks for Your Rankings

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Guest Post: The Role and Importance of Backlinks for Your Rankings 18 Mar2011

Guest Post: The Role and Importance of Backlinks for Your Rankings

Anyone in the online business knows that creating inbound links is important for the rankings of a website, but the true importance and why the inbound links are that important is still not obvious to most. Let’s go over the basics of link building and why they are so important for rankings.

Backlinks Are Votes – But There is More

You know that search engines see backlinks as votes. In other words, the more backlinks you have, the more votes you have and thus your website can be seen as a winner. In the past, Google only counted the number of backlinks to determine a website’s ranking, but with sweeping algorithm changes made by Google, there are now hundreds of different factors that determine a website’s value, importance, authority and ultimately, it’s rank in Google. What this means is that this is not a democracy and one vote is not equal to everyone elses. In the online world, a link from a high ranking authority website is of more value than hundreds of low level links from low ranking weak authority websites.

How many backlinks is enough?

So how many backlinks should you get? Well, it’s not entirely about quantity.  Your first priority is to get quality backlinks from trusted and topic related sites. The next is to get as many of these top quality links as possible – this is where it becomes a numbers game. Authority is important but just as important is relevance. This holds more weight and the link is likely to be looked upon favourably by Google.

Getting the most value out of your backlinks

Anchor text is another thing to consider with backlinks. Anchor text is the text that is used to link to a webpage/website. It’s important to ensure that your priority keywords are used as anchor text for your links, where possible. For example, if you were telling people to buy your blue widgets, you’d ensure that the anchor text was ‘blue widgets’ and not ‘click here’ or something unrelated.

Click here

Plenty of links adopt this convention: “click here” and just by searching in Google for ‘click here’, it highlights the importance of proper anchor text usage. Which sites are in the top spots? They’re occupied by Adobe products (how many times have you seen instructions to download Adobe Acrobat Reader through a ‘click here’ link?).

What if I can’t use my keyword as anchor text?

This type of link may bring you some direct traffic, but it will not help your rankings a great deal. Google follows the link back to your site, but it greatly considers the text that has been hyperlinked in order to determine what the page that is linked is about. With a greater number of links with the same keyword from various websites you can achieve a higher rank in results, and that means more organic traffic (which means more visitors, more enquiries, more sales and so on).


Quality Link Building Equals Quality Traffic

Link building is not about attaining PageRank (Google’s patented method of page value determination); it’s about getting more visitors through direct and organic traffic. Keep in mind the following:-

  • The more connections you make online, the greater your chances of getting a backlink.
  • With greater exposure, comes more traffic.
  • More quality backlinks, means more quality traffic and much better rankings in Google.

To sum up, if you want to succeed with your business online, you have to promote your website and link building is one of the most important tactics to employ. Keep in mind that you need relevant links with appropriate anchor text pointing to the right pages of your website. So, when choosing quality over quantity you can’t go wrong.



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