Giving back can start at any age

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Giving back can start at any age

The Toowoomba Hospital Foundation's new website, resplendent in fresh branding, launched this week.

It is with some pride we can say our support, by way of donating the development work, was directly due to the actions of a nine-year-old.

We receive many proposals to support local community organisations, however, on this occasion, the request did not come from the recipient.

Initial discussions with the Toowoomba Hospital Foundation around scoping a new website caught the ear of Gabriella Byatt.

Gabriella is the daughter of Indigo Web co-director Adam Byatt. This story is very much about her desire to help a very well-regarded foundation to continue its valuable work supporting three of Toowoomba’s medical facilities.

As a newborn, Gabriella was some nine weeks premmie and spent several weeks at the Special Care Nursery in the Toowoomba Base Hospital before going home. The hospital is one of the three facilities the foundation exists to support.

Upon learning of website discussions, Gabriella quickly insisted we help by sponsoring the website work, which we did (Miss Gabriella was really quite convincing). We were able to provide a beautiful website with the help of Chantal Lahey, of Creativore, who contributed significantly with the new branding work for the foundation as well as designing the new website’s look and feel.

We might be a little biased, as Gabriella is a regular face in our workplace, but we still find it inspiring for a young person to have such conviction and a desire to help others. It seems local media thought so too.

You can read The Chronicle's article about the new branding and website here.

We encourage you to take the time to visit the new Toowoomba Hospital Foundation website and to learn about all the wonderful things the foundation does to raise funds for vital equipment and infrastructure. This is a great organisation and one from which our broader community most certainly benefits.

The equipment and facilities the foundation has provided to the Toowoomba Hospital has totalled an incredible $6million over the past 25 years.

We have committed to a continuing, phased project in which we will roll out additional features and functionality to ensure website visitors are able to continue to support the Toowoomba Hospital Foundation. We will also continue to play our part in sustaining the online platform for the foundation's ongoing digital marketing efforts and awareness campaigns.

As we have learned, anyone at any age can help make a difference - whether your contribution is a donation, your time, or merely attending one of the many events held during the year by the foundation, we encourage you to play a part.

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