We have lift-off!

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We have lift-off!

Web design and development is constantly evolving to keep up with a world of technological advancement. Once upon a time, online presence was only accessible from a PC. To think, you can now be online whenever you like thanks to a pocket-sized phone.

At Indigo Web, our focus is on changing trends and making sure we are keeping up, too! We're putting our money where our mouth is and we have designed and built V2.0 of our own website. It’s been a labour of love over the past few months. Even though it’s been a slow process while we work on our client's websites, we are very happy to be finally launching it.

The new Indigo Web website has a brand new design, courtesy of the magicians at Black Canvas. Thanks to Kristy and Anna and their fantastic team for creating a visual feast for our current and potential clients. We love our new look and hope you do too.

Our new website has been built using the innovative Umbraco Content Management System. This software is a fully-featured open source CMS with the flexibility to run everything from a one-page website to some of the largest media sites in the world. It’s a great application with more than 110,000 users worldwide, which is why we use it in all of our new projects.

In staying ahead of changing trends in mobile usage, we have adopted a 'responsive' web design approach.  Rather than having a dedicated mobile site (which are definitely appropriate in some cases), we believe a responsive approach provides a nice balance between an improved user experience and an easy-to-manage website for our clients.  Here is some more information if you’re interested in learning a bit about responsive web design.

To build a responsive website, we set the website up so that the width of the site is flexible and adapts according to the size of the device the viewer is using. This allows the user to see the entire website on their smart phone or tablet without scrolling continuously throughout the site to find what they are searching for.

Indigo Web now has a new focus, which is reflected in the new services we offer - Customised Application Development, and Responsive Web Design - and to make our development process more transparent and easier for clients to get their heads around.

Welcome to our brand new website. Don’t be shy about coming in to see what possibilities we can develop for you, too.

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