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An introduction to me

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Web Extraordinaire found – An introduction to me

Hi everyone, my name’s Daniel, and I’m a Web Developer.

I thought I’d write a blog post for a couple of reasons

  1.        Danny told me to
  2.        To further introduce myself to everyone, to make my presence known, and to get a feel for writing blogs.

So, let’s start with some stuff about me.

I’m currently in my last semester of studying at USQ, and will be graduating with a Bachelor of Information Technology, majoring in IT Management. I’m a computer enthusiast, and have worked in the IT industry now for 5 years in various roles including System Administration, Support, Networking & Customer Relations.
I’ve always enjoyed computers. From playing Age of Empires on my very first PC at age 8, to creating my first website using Microsoft Frontpage at age 11, computers have always been something that I enjoy using and learning more about.

And that’s what it’s all about, learning. After working in an IT Support role for a company with over 100 people, I decided to pursue something that had always intrigued me; Web Development.
Making a website from the ground up and seeing all the bits and pieces slowly start to fall together is something that’s immensely rewarding. Designing a really cool concept, and then being able to build that concept into an actual program is extremely rewarding, and the feeling of satisfaction at the end is worth the frustration as I try to work out why 1 line of code isn’t working the way it should.

In my short time here at Indigo Web I’ve seen a vast improvement in my coding abilities, and general knowledge of the web industry. Things I didn’t know were possible a couple of months ago are now trivial, and advanced concepts that I thought seemed impossible are now possible, just hard.

Indigo Web has been an amazing employer, for not only giving me the opportunity to get started in Web Development, but also for letting me ask stupid questions as I continue my quest to be the very best, like no one ever was. Best employer in Toowoomba hands down.

Also there’s free coffee, so I can only be happy.


- Daniel

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