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2021 COVID-19 Business Support Grants Was your business affected by the latest lockdowns? Your small business may be eligible for Queensland government 2021 COVID-19 Business Support Grant Read More Business Boost grants Does your small business need a real-time inventory system to speed up operations and meet delivery expectations? Start preparing your application now. Read More Moving Forward Together Our thoughts are with you, your families and your employees during these uncertain times. Now more than ever, we can all appreciate just how small the world truly is, and the importance of coming together to protect our community during these difficult times. Read More Join us as our next .NET Developer Due to ongoing growth in our business, we are seeking a web developer to join our team at our central Toowoomba CBD office. Read More Responding to Reviews If you're one of our social media clients, you will know that we are very cautious of review systems. We are cautious because there is no qualification or proof required for a person to leave a review. Read More QLD Digital Grants Program 2017 - Round 3 The Small Business Digital Grants Program is now taking applications for round 3. It has been developed to provide small businesses in Queensland with the much needed access to technologies and services that will help them to be successful in a competitive digital environment. Read More SSL: What is it? Why do you need it? Internet safety has never been more important, so do you need an SSL certificate on your website? Read More App Focus: Medisafe I thoroughly enjoyed doing my last app focus on Flightradar24, so I thought I’d follow it up with another fabulous app for you to sample. Read More App Focus: Flightradar24 We hold the world in our pockets & it’s easy to take that for granted. Our smartphones give us limitless information thanks to our access to the internet any time we like Read More I Am A Cybernetic Organism There’s a bizarre subculture that’s been quietly gaining popularity that I‘ve been watching curiously for a couple of years. There are people (usually lurking on the stranger side of the internet) that are intent on merging the human body with technology to create an enhanced living experience. Read More STEM sell You may remember a couple of years ago, the Turnbull government was pushing the ‘ideas boom’ advertising pretty hard. This agenda was put forward to support innovation, science & technology in Australia to maintain the economy, jobs growth & global success. Read More Dude, Where’s My Data? Society is rapidly becoming more reliant on portable, online storage solutions for personal & professional needs. We use services like Dropbox to store our documents (who report having over 500 million users in August 2016) Read More Writing for the Web This article is intended to provide some basic guidelines for writing for the web. Much of this is garnered from years of experience in the web industry and is highly opinionated towards keeping the web de-cluttered and easy to read. Read More Giving back can start at any age Sometimes the price of new website is a few words from a community-minded nine-year-old Read More We're looking for our next web extraordinaire! Due to ongoing growth in our business, we are seeking a web developer to join our team at our central Toowoomba CBD office. Read More Drive More Traffic To Your Site: 16 Sure-Fire Strategies A fundamental business question, no matter what decade you live in, is “how do I get my products/services in front of potential customers?” Read More The Darling Downs Takes Flight I’m sure most of you are already aware of the massive announcement made about the Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport yesterday. Qantas has jumped on board to become the first commercial airline to service Wellcamp, which is Australia’s first privately funded, public airport. Read More Google's Project Loon Did you know that only a third of the world’s population have the opportunity or ability to access the internet? It’s hard to believe that something so common, even essential in our day-to-day lives could be absent for 2 out of 3 people around the world. Read More Online Advertising: Pay Per Click and Google Adwords Online marketing can be highly targeted and highly measurable. It is also much more affordable than traditional campaigns which allows for small to medium sized businesses to engage and attract customers much more effectively. Read More A new Digital Home for It's a Bloke Thing It's so typical for men to not talk about the important things. Relationships, emotions, health - that's for girls, right? Wrong! Read More We have lift-off! Web design and development is constantly evolving to keep up with a world of technological advancement. Read More Responsive Web Design Series (Part 2) – The Implementation What makes a good responsive site? Let’s break it down. Read More Responsive Web Design Series (Part 1) - What is responsive web design Here at Indigo Web, we are continually enhancing our web design techniques in order to keep abreast of the latest trends in technology. This year, we’ve been seeing some big changes on the technology front and here’s why. Read More New website for some old friends It’s always very exciting when clients come back to refresh their online presence. Our clients, RuralFab, have been with us since the beginning, and we are proud to be able to assist them with their new & exciting re-brand to “Compliant Steel”. Read More How the new Facebook Timeline changes will affect you As you are no doubt aware, Facebook are currently implementing some major changes to the way Business Pages work. As of March 30th, all Facebook pages will be forced over to their new design which will incorporate their new “timeline” layout. Read More Merry Christmas! A very Merry Christmas to everyone!!! Thanks to each and every one of you for your support in 2011. It was a tough year for a lot of local businesses, and we really appreciate the support. Read More Considerations in developing your SEO Keyword Strategy Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is absolutely crucial to the success of any online venture. Because the majority of sites are found through Google searches, you need to do whatever you can to ensure that when a potential customer searches for something you offer, your content appears as near to the top of their list of results as possible. Read More An Introduction to Google Places for Business If you have searched recently on Google, you have probably been exposed to Google Places. The newly integrated Google Places results within your search results, means that local businesses are more likely to appear in location centric search phrases. Read More Happy Easter from Indigo Web Well, it’s hard to believe that a quarter of 2011 has slipped by us already. That can only mean one thing: it’s Easter time again! Read More A Warning against Cold Calling SEO Companies First off, not all Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) companies are bad. There are some very well put together SEO companies who excel at leveraging your website and helping you get the most out of your online presence. These businesses exist in Australia, and have real, physical offices. These companies will never cold call you and won’t spam email you. Read More Park House Café website launches! Well, we’ve been busy working on a new website for our friends at Park House Café. This warm and friendly café, complete with a great view of Queens Park, boasts a relaxed atmosphere with great food and coffee. Read More Stretch Those Hammies This Sunday at Peak 2 Park Peak 2 Park is kicking off this Sunday and this year it’s bigger than ever. So get your running (or walking) gear together to participate in this awesome fundraising event. Read More January Digital News Mashup January Digital News Mashup Read More Toowoomba Flooding and Office Relocation Well, it’s quite a start to 2011 that we’ve had. Read More November Digital News Mashup A breakdown on the world of digital news for November 2010 Read More Pink October Well Pink October is well under way and I must say it’s fantastic to see so many local businesses doing their part to raise awareness. Read More Going Pink October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and we are going pink to help raise awareness. Read More
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2021 COVID-19 Business Support Grants

Was your business affected by the latest lockdowns? Your small business may be eligible for Queensland government 2021 COVID-19 Business Support Grant

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