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Diabetes Hub

Diabetes Hub helps educate the community by providing people living with diabetes, people helping someone with diabetes, and medical professionals with access to the information they need.

We worked closely with the amazing team involved in this project during the planning, design and development processes to ensure the website communicates what is involved in care of patients concisely, accurately and in an easy to read format.

Throughout the project user testing was also conducted to help focus planning and create an audience-relevant website.

A huge effort by all those involved went into creating this website which features:

  • Umbraco 7 for easy content content management of the wealth of information & resources,
  • Custom web design by Black Canvas,
  • Mobile responsive web layout, to ensure even those users who rely on accessibility support technology can use the website,
  • Super fast loading speed using a Varnish server on the front-end, and
  • A variety of back house functions, enabled through the powerful Umbraco CMS to maximise performance.



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