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How Indigo Web Helped Southern Stars to Double Their Staff: A Case Study

Darren Bennett’s business website drove so much new business they had to hire more staff.

Slow, clunky websites lose customers

Darren Bennett knows that slow sites are bad for business. His Toowoomba-based business, Southern Stars, is an award winning company that designs and installs home solutions for cooling, heating and comfort. The website has lots of pages and contains a great deal of information.

‘Our original site was slow, cramped and didn’t have enough pages,’ Darren said. ‘We did research and collected feedback and, as a result, we felt that our website was costing us clients and potential customers. They just weren’t finding what they were after.’

Darren is a local business supporter, so he asked around to find recommendations for a Toowoomba web designer. ‘Indigo Web’s name kept popping up, especially on the bottom of the business web sites I was checking. I called a friend who’d used them and all the feedback was positive.'

’‘It was a no brainer to give Indigo Web a call.’

The Smart Home deadline

Southern Stars had a crucial deadline to meet – the opening of Toowoomba’s only Smart Display Home. They needed their website up and running for the launch, along with a virtual walkthrough of the display home.

Fortunately, Indigo Web made the whole process simple. They engaged one of their partners, Black Canvas, to help out with all the images and graphics and also researched all the products and services. The information was then pulled together into one large site.

Darren felt the pressure as the Smart Display Home launch drew closer. ‘I was getting nervous,’ he said. ‘But Indigo delivered on all their promises.’

‘Now I know I don’t have to stress so much, because I know it will happen.’

From three staff to seven

The new business website met the deadlines, as promised. It also increased business – a lot. Southern Stars was able to add electricity, solar and security services to their site, along with a more professional look and feel.

‘As a business owner, I’m always looking to stay ahead of our competition. One of the ways of doing that is to have an in-depth, informative business website.’

‘In the last six months, our electrical team has gone from three guys to seven.’

Clearly, the new website is doing its job.

And that staffing number is increasing.

‘We’ve had more and more builders coming to us wanting electrical services.’

Darren’s tips for business owners

A new business website didn’t just help Southern Stars’ bottom line, it helped Darren become a more confident marketer.

This is what he learned:

  • A professional, functional website increases your overall marketing options. ‘The new website gave me the confidence to promote Southern Stars,’ Darren said. He now advertises on buses and billboards because he can send people to a professional site that delivers the needed information.

‘It’s the first stop I send people to, to get everything they need to do with Southern Stars.’

  • If you want a premium service, and you want the confidence to draw people to your website, then you will get what you pay for. ‘I’d definitely recommend Indigo Web’, Darren says.

‘If you want to grow your business, they will help you do that.’

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