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Danny Summers         Director – Indigo Web

Indigo Web’s Director, Danny Summers, has 10 years of industry experience under his belt. With a passion for all things web-related, Danny started Indigo Web in 2008 after deciding to pursue his own business goals. His high level of technical skill and unique ability to translate digital strategies for businesses into successful websites has made him a favourite with organisations across Queensland and Australia. Some of Danny’s websites are now recognised internationally! Danny loves working with his clients and has an ability to communicate clearly and concisely with them to ensure their business message is heard loud and clear across the web, as far as the search engine can see.

Danny can provide great insight from both technical and practical perspectives.  His strong communication skills and experience working with small businesses through to universities and international organisations, equips him with a variety of skills to handle any situation.  As a former senior developer for a local marketing agency, Danny gained valuable experience in website project management and a passion for working with small businesses. This commercial experience led to the development of several large-scale projects, some extending in reach to potential investors in Sydney and Brisbane.

Through working on major projects at the University of Southern Queensland, Danny played a role supporting client-facing systems impacted by major changes in back-end student systems.  This helped form an appreciation for the internal dynamics of larger organisations and helped forge solid technical skills beyond that commonly available to businesses.

As a new business entrepreneur, Danny understands the challenges that face small businesses in regional centres and is eager to help them to grow.  Danny believes that regional businesses should have available to them the calibre of business services that are available in major cities.

Danny and his team of developers have an astute ability to simplify complex requirements into actionable steps, resulting in a refined and easy-to-use end product. Indigo Web has a passion for business, working with business leaders and those who have a vision for success.


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