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​The team at Indigo Web was excellent to work with during the creation of our new website. From the initial concept to the official launch, the team was very thorough and went above and beyond to ensure we were happy with the final product. The team was excellent at interpreting what we were trying to achieve and making it a reality. Indigo Web worked well across our marketing team and in-house IT staff, making it a seamless experience. I would highly recommend Indigo Web.

Tammy Wilson,
Marketing and Community Engagement Manager, The Glennie School

Email Marketing

The purpose of a well-targeted, designed and informative email campaign is to keep in contact and engage with your customers or clients. Email marketing is all about opening up the lines of communication and connecting with your readers. By providing your customer with a means of direct contact with you, it can help create brand awareness and respect at the same time as generating more sales.

Most marketing activities are difficult to evaluate and it can be difficult to see which tool is proving to be the most effective. With an effective email marketing system, however, you can see very quickly what is working and what is not through detailed data and reports.

When we design our email marketing solutions, a number of elements need to be considered:

Permission Marketing 

We use the permission marketing model which uses the principle of only contacting customers who want to be contacted. This works because you are more likely to convert the customers who have offered their contact details rather than through ‘cold calling’. Every recipient you collect should have opted-in for email communication (or have been a recent customer who understands that they may be contacted). This can be achieved by including an opt-in checkbox on an enquiry form or asking them personally.

Keeping Emails Lightweight

When sending out bulk emails, we know that that the email will be vulnerable to any number of spam filters used by your audience. Images in particular are a red flag for most filters that an email could be spam. Therefore, we try and keep the amount of imagery used in email campaigns to a minimum, without compromising the impact of your message.

Email Clients

An individual marketing email can be read by up to a dozen different email clients, each potentially interpreting HTML emails differently. It takes a lot of time and skill to write HTML emails that work for the majority of readers. For those who simply cannot open the email with their software (e.g. if they are using a new program or reading from a mobile device), we can include a link to a version of the email to be read from a web page.

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