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The high level of customer service and support that we have received as a client of Indigo Web has been paramount to our ongoing success and growth. The introduction of an email marketing tool has allowed us to stay up to date with new technology, ideas and practices and has meant that we are able to maintain regular contact with our clients, thanks to Indigo Web’s innovative solutions.

Jamie Smith,
Owner, JP Smith Recruitment & HR

Third Party Integration

At Indigo Web, we believe in creating and maximising efficiency wherever possible. Working across platforms for most businesses is essential and can increase your business potential. We are currently trialing web applications that provide user-friendly interfaces between applications such as eCommerce and Content Management Systems (CMS), to minimise cross-over and additional workloads, making the software work best for you. 

Basically, we set up systems to streamline our client’s business processes by saving on data entry and saving the client from having to log into several different systems to run their businesses. This will save time and simplify processes by having the website or application communicate to the third party systems to save double-handling.  For example:

  1. An enquiry form on a website could create the lead in the clients CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system to ensure that their sales process follows up on the lead, ensuring that opportunities aren't missed.
  2. A recruitment site where a client uses a third party system to publish available positions to numerous job boards such as Career One & Seek. We can tap into systems such as this and publish these positions on the website also.

The possibilities are endless.  Talk to us and see how we can help streamline your business.

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